Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (JAND): Reviewer Information

JAND conforms to the "Responsibilities in the Submission and Peer-Review Process " as recommended by the International Committee on Medical Journal Editors.

  • Peer review type: Double-anonymized
  • No. of days to conduct review: 21
  • No. of reviewers per manuscript: 2-3 (on average)

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Reviewer Guide to Editorial Manager

This reviewer guide provides information on key tasks for conducting a review in Editorial Manager.

Role of JAND Reviewers

JAND recognizes that the ability to distinguish a high-quality publication rests primarily on the impartial judgment of volunteer reviewers. The reviewers of JAND are a group of individuals that advise the editorial office about the accuracy and level of acceptability of manuscripts under consideration for publication. Reviewers, with the assistance of JAND's checklist system, evaluate each manuscript based on content, originality, scientific accuracy, clarity, and contribution to the field of nutrition and dietetics. Functions include:

  • Treating manuscripts as confidential, time-sensitive communications.
  • Thoroughly and decisively critiquing the manuscripts and promptly returning the review within 21 days of accepting a review invitation.
  • Adequately supporting all statements so the editorial office can make a well-informed decision regarding the manuscript.
  • Articulating for the editorial office any concerns regarding papers that fail to cite relevant work by other scientists or raise any other concerns pertaining to accuracy and transparency.
  • Willingness to complete a review of the revised manuscript, if needed.
  • Prompt response to the editorial office if unable to complete a timely review.

Reviewer Qualifications and Selection

Qualified reviewers for JAND are individuals with an advanced degree (eg, PhD, MD, ScD, DrPH, EdD, JD) who may have published in nutrition, dietetics, or a related field. Reviewers are selected for their stature in the field of dietetics, their own first-author and co-author publications that reflect current activity in well-respected journals, understanding of research design and statistical analysis, appreciation for the application of the science of dietetics, knowledge in particular areas of dietetics practice, and cooperation in responding in a timely, helpful, and constructive manner.

JAND Reviewer Instructions

Reviewer Disclosures

All reviewers are expected to be impartial and unbiased. Each reviewer is required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest to the editorial office during the review process. If a reviewer requests that an advanced-level student (eg, PhD student) participate in the review process as part of their education, the primary reviewer must ensure that all guidelines are adhered to by the student in the review process and inform JAND.

Editing Reviewer Comments

The JAND editorial office may, on occasion, need to edit reviews with regards to tone, language and deviation from journal policy and reviewer guidelines. If an editor is unclear about a reviewer comment, the editor contacts the reviewer for clarification and may re-open the review, if needed.

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