Shine Brightly as We Write Our Story

      Standing Tall

      On a daily basis, we are seeing displays of the power of science and data, acts of human kindness, and the vital role you play on the front lines of care.
      • I am confident that we as a profession will do as we always have: Impact global health and well-being. We will shine brightly as we continue to write our story.
      • Ours will be a story of inspirational strength in the face of challenges, leadership, unselfish acts of bravery, cohesive teamwork, and the ability to innovate and adapt.
      • We are all in this together, and, as your president, I couldn’t be prouder and more appreciative than I am today of each and every one of you.
      The future challenges we face can provide countless opportunities for reinvention and growth. Our time is now … to stand tall and proudly, demonstrate confident and bold leadership, and speak with one powerful voice as we amplify the contributions of food and nutrition practitioners.
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      “At the Kansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, we didn’t want the annual opportunity for our members to earn continuing education credits to slip away, so we decided to take our March-planned conference virtual. We had to work directly with our sponsors and speakers to schedule recorded presentations using [video conferencing] technology, edited those as needed, and embedded those videos into a survey. While this virtual setting does not provide the networking and interaction of our members, sponsors, presenters, and exhibitors, it does allow for education, sharing, and enlightenment during this time of social distancing.”
      Kelly J. Whitehair, PhD, RD, LD, Administrative Dietitian, Housing and Dining Services; Instructor in Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health, Kansas State University
      “Our 2019-2020 cohort was about to enter their last rotation, foodservice management, when the university suspended the face-to-face internship experiences. We put our thinking hats on and created or modified case studies and real-life examples of foodservice systems scenarios and management challenges. We are incredibly grateful for the sharing of resources between the Academy members and Dietetic Practice Groups, especially Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors (NDEP), and the resources provided to use by our university. This pandemic has provided us as humans an opportunity to understand and reflect on what is truly important.”
      Becky Wojcik, MA, RDN, LDN, Dietetic Internship Director, West Chester University