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Strengthening Child Nutrition Programs with Nutrition Equity Theory

JAND Editor-in-Chief Linda Snetselaar, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND and Juliana Cohen, ScM, ScD, associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Public Health at Merrimack College discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic affected Federal Child Nutrition Program policy, specifically the impact on health disparities and nutrition equity.
Duration: 15 min

Editor's Podcast

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Using Water Filters to Increase Water Consumption in Hispanic Communities

JAND Editor-in-Chief Linda Snetselaar, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND and Uriyoán Colon-Ramós, ScD, MPA, with George Washinton University, discuss the Water [email protected] Intervention Trial and how the use of water filters increased water consumption in Hispanic communities and implications for further research and dietetics practice.
Duration: 31 min

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Sex and Gender Data Collection in Nutrition Research and Practice

JAND Editor-in-Chief Linda Snetselaar, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND talks with Healther Schier, MS, with The Ohio State University department of human sciences about best practices in collecting sex and gender data in nutrition research and practice.
Duration: 12 min

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Annie Yu-An Chen, DDS, MS, Assistant Policy Researcher at RAND Corporation, discusses a new study that examined cyclical changes in American diet quality related to macroeconomic conditions. She and co-author Roland Sturm, PhD, Senior Economist at RAND Corporation, found that the American diet improved when unemployment peaked after the Great Recession, and then declined significantly. This was particularly true in 2011and 2012, a period with historically high unemployment rates in the United States. However, since recovery began in 2013, the quality of the American diet has declined and is now at a 20-year low.
Duration:6:12 min


drawing of Nutritionists with fruit in front of a mealplan.

Lead author Yangbo Sun, MBBS, PhD, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, shares the results of a large prospective study of American adults 40 years old and older (NHANES). This research contributes much-needed evidence about the association between eating behaviors and mortality in the context of meal timing and duration of the daily prandial period. — read the featured article in the Journal.

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Press Release

Grocery cart in supermarker aisle.

Buyer beware: 60% of foods purchased by Americans contain technical food additives — a 10% increase since 2001.

Senior author Elizabeth K. Dunford, PhD, presents results of the first study to examine what US consumers are purchasing (Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel data from 2001 and 2019), rather than relying on reported food and beverage intake, to evaluate exposure to food additives in ultra-processed foods and associated adverse health risks.

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